Abstract paintings have a lot in common with music. They express sentiments, but they also consist of mathematically describable patterns. Therefore my art is both, emotion and experimental geometry.

Just as classic music my visual art is about the variations of a theme. A motif is shown again and again in modified forms and so its hidden potency becomes visible: It can be experienced as a source of possibilities.

Me first ideas about art have been deeply influenced by European modern art . On the other hand I hardly can imagine my way as an artist without the impact of the ornamental art of the Islamic world. At present I'm living in China - opening my mind for new influences.

Abstract art crosses cultural borders without any effort. Its sensuality as well as its nearness to the universal forms of geometry both make it perceptible for people of completely different cultural provenance. So it opens space for some kind of communication across language barriers and traditions of thinking.


More about my art is at the moment only available in German or in Chinese. An english version of this part will be provided as soon as possible.